Vectr Ventures is a new age early-stage venture studio based in Hong Kong that combines investment, creation and growth to deliver game-changing impact to the world. They needed a new informative website to better represent their business and to showcase their outstanding and successful portfolio.

WeSuperseed took this opportunity to elevate their existing brand identity and to build a custom designed website to reflect the innovative, forward thinking culture that they share within their business.

The culture of Vectr circulates around growth, movement and progression. We reflected this in form of animations throughout the website and through animated line art; showing the growth and structural growth from simple lines to concrete forms.

What was the highlight of the website? Their approach page was an important page to showcase their work culture. To visually emphasize how Vectr approaches their projects and clients, we flipped the user experience upside down. The webpage begins at the bottom of the page and scrolls upwards, symbolizing the growth of a business from ground up.

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