HKPI (Hong Kong Pacific Investments Limited) is a Hong Kong properties development and management company that prides itself on its quality of service, material, and people-centric services. They have developed several top tiered commercial buildings in Hong Kong and have several exciting projects in the pipeline.

WeSuperseed worked with HKPI in aligning their current branding, taking artistic architectural photos of their developments, and designing and developing a minimalistic yet UI/UX heavy HQ website to introduce their business and showcase their properties.

We took their existing brand elements and gave it a modern twist in order to align themselves with their top tiered developments.

To streamline and ease the workload of their sales team, a sales feature was built within the website to show building vacancies and allow potential tenants to download the floorplan prior to reaching out to their sales team. 

Designing a custom Tenant Welcome Package for the launch of HKPT, now known as FTLife Tower, was the next step – We submitted our design to a printing partner for them to create an elegant felt folder that holds all the essential welcome documents and FOB cards.

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