After years helping other brands establish their own brand identity, we felt the pull towards pursuing our own dreams - to create our brand and product!

In 2021 we embarked on this journey, fueled by our passion and personal experiences as pet owners. We shared a collective frustration with the lack of regulation in the pet food industry. Witnessing this sector being dominated by mediocre products stuffed with additives and by-products, masquerading as healthy options. We felt compelled to upend this model and introduce a transparent, accessible, and enjoyable method for pet owners to elevate their pets' health daily.

We worked closely with our holistic vet partner to formulate specific blends using a unique mix of functional mushrooms and superfoods to support the health of both dogs and cats. We manufacture our products in New Zealand and ensure that all ingredients are of human-grade, devoid of additives, fillers, preservatives, or chemicals. Pure ingredients for our four legged friends only.

While navigating the pet food industry, we noticed a void for vibrant, creative branding. We seized this opportunity to introduce a bolder approach with our use of colors, graphics, and statements.We aimed to infuse the holistic, mushroom-centric vibes into a brand that was as fun and lively as the pets we cater to.

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