Monty Farms, the agricultural arm of Monty Group, is an exceptional farm based in Honduras that strictly ensures world class environmentally friendly practices, contributes to the community surrounding the farm and drives for top notch quality in product growth. 

So good that even Jamie Oliver uses their products in his shows!

Our challenge was to reconstruct and optimize the current Monty Farm’s website with a fresh narrative and UI/UX that highlights their exceptional products, heritage and scale of their company.

What was our approach?

One thing we strive for, is to incorporate traditional art forms into our digital projects. In this case, we collaborated with local artist Joyce Chiang to integrate her delicately hand drawn watercolor illustrations of Monty Farms’ produce to add a playful personality, which was incorporated into the overall flow of the website’s UI/UX.

We also scattered elements of overlapping seeds to convey that sense of realism to something that is purely organic. The new brand identity style seamlessly incorporates all these different elements.

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