We had a great collaboration with EcoDrive, an amazing foundation that promotes the awareness and reduction of single use plastic in Hong Kong through education, connecting with corporations, and motivating each individual to make a lifestyle change.

We had the pleasure of developing book layout designs and illustrations for 4 levels of English comprehension school books for primary and secondary students of Hong Kong. Each story book took the kids on a different journey, teaching them the impact of single use plastics on our environment.

Starting with the storyboard, we developed the overall book layout designs based off the stories provided by EcoDrive. As each book was developed for a different reading level, the layout and illustrations of each book needed to target the reader, each book with its own unique style.

Hand drawing each component on iPad and digitizing them page by page – this means drawing each limb, body part, in relation to character design. The color palette and any alteration of the background and characters were done after the digitization process.

Overall, a great collaboration with the publisher, Wisemen Education, to ensure the books were aligned with their printing guidelines and educational regulations.

If you’re interested in obtaining a copy of these books, please contact EcoDrive!

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