As strong advocates of sustainability, we love seeing large corporations taking responsibility to ensure their business is as sustainable as possible. Esquel Group is one of the few large textile manufacturing groups to do so. We had the privilege of working with them to revamp their annual Sustainability Report website.

Our challenge was to create an interactive, engaging; yet easily digestible website layout that could hold an extensive amount of information & data on one platform. The website’s front & backend also needed to be easily updated on a yearly basis. Finally, the visual style needed to be aesthetically uniform with the Esquel Group & Esquel Sustainability brand.

How can we communicate the depth of their business? 

An intro animation was created featuring their unique vertical integrated business model, from farming and processing cotton, all the way to stitching and developing high quality textiles.


WeSuperseed created a heavily custom designed website layout. The layout design reflected a traditional folder with the right side as navigation tabs for each of their Sustainability Pillar. Each Sustainability Pillar was specifically color and pattern coordinated.


WeSuperseed combined the concept of line art and Traditional Chinese painting as an extension of the company visual identity, to accompany the factual content of the annual report – a juxtaposition of their modern developments while maintaining their heritage. 

In order to create a new signature “S” logo, we integrated different elements within the manufacturing process from cotton to textile and carefully blended them together.

To make the data easily digestible, we created a range of visual icons in a minimalistic illustration style to represent the respective data points.

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